Own Your Own Zeppelin!

Zeppelin, model 978-0-88971-279-9, available for your fleet beginning April 2013. Please consider local, independent airship dealers. In Toronto, Book City is highly recommended! Online: direct from Harbour Publishing or via Indigo, Amazon (Canada), Amazon (U.S), Barns and Noble.

Zeppelin“A virtuoso performance. Good poets know where to break a line,and few know how to turn a phrase into a constellation, but Blaise Moritz’s line endings catapult you into the unexpected where you have to take another breath and be ready for new epic feeling.”

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

“Blaise Moritz is a poet of passion, resonance and rare skill. The homeland of his verse is the city – as in the dazzling ‘AM Nocturne,’in which he drives a van by night through Chicago with a radio mysteriously tuned to the ‘music of your life.’ A deeper music haunts these poems – something that grieves and hopes, is hardwon, and turns us towards better things.”

Richard Greene

“In Zeppelin, Blaise Moritz subverts subversion, rejects rejection. Like his steampunk muse, he creates a dazzling future for an antique art. He is a celebrant, a builder. His language is current in every sense: fluent, new, and charged with power.”

Paul Vermeersch

Nightwood Editions


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