Ostrich Boy

Is this debauch how your story begins?

Flashback to your secret origin?

Ostrich Boy Earwax Square

I first met Ostrich Boy in Earwax, a cafe, late of Wicker Park, Chicago, permanently closed per the internet. A 2011 post on Chicago Parent provides a glimpse into the past. Of course, I remember it differently: two panels, suggesting strange, transformational sequence. A few fragments of music related language come back to me again and again when songwriting. In this case, I think of the endearing and resonant fine print in the bottom right corner of the back of the jacket of Savvy Show Stoppers: “All songs based on the true life story of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet except where hats are tipped!” Ostrich Boy is a person in the neighborhood you keep seeing and evolve stories about.
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Ceci N’Est Pas Un Arbre (EP)

Spring is here, and the birds are back. At first, their point appears simplistic, almost to the point of provocation: a giant sign that says “TREE” is not the tree itself!